Will PM be chowing down on crow?

Will PM be chowing down on crow?

Editor, The Times:

Editor, The Times:

The political shemozzle regarding the criminal activities of SNC Lavalin and Trudeau’s Liberal government is the latest reminder of how backroom collusion exists between corporate executives and unscrupulous (or naïve) politicians.

If SNC Lavalin finally ends up paying a heavy price for its corrupt past practices, the employees and shareholders will suffer, not members of management, who are comfortably cloistered in their boardroom while the best lawyers corporate money can buy guard the doors.


If corporate executives were made personally accountable for illegal misdeeds, their focus might shift. They might think twice before enhancing the bottom line by any means possible in order to maximize their incentive bonuses. SNC Lavalin has a long tainted record of rewarding personnel who put profits ahead of ethics.

If cornered by damning evidence, Justin Trudeau’s credibility should take a supersized hit. Hopefully the pompous preachy prime minister will not try blaming his latest self-inflicted predicament on the previous Harper government.

He has already overused that farcical finger-pointing ploy.

Lloyd Atkins,

Vernon, B.C.

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