Will it be illegal to hold different view than governing party?

Writer is worried about the future of ideological requirements for federal programs.


Over the past weeks, two letters on the topic of abortion were published. Both writers were very much against abortion, and they have every right to share that opinion, thanks to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which states that every Canadian has freedom of speech.

What really saddens me is that the Trudeau government is limiting that freedom. They recently implemented a change to the Summer Jobs Program, which states that if a business or organization is not willing to support abortion, they will be denied funding which could have been used to hire and train young workers like myself.

But why would the government do that? Abortion, though legal, is not a Charter right. The Supreme Court of Canada made that clear and said Parliament could pass an abortion law. Freedom of conscience and speech are Charter rights, yet they are being ignored. Will it soon be illegal to hold an opinion that is different than the one of the governing party?

Kristen Groen – age 15


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