Why are so many leaving B.C.?

Being realistic important when it comes to resource extraction decisions

To the editor:

While it would be nice to turn all of British Columbia into one giant park, we must be realistic and try to find common ground and make the best of what Mother Nature has given us.

That includes a sensitive approach to harvest our natural resources and providing jobs to pay for our social needs.

Thanks to the native and environmental groups, Fish Lake (Prosperity Mine project) is now proposed to be protected, and at the same time we must congratulate Taseko Mines Ltd. for sticking with the project despite the huge extra costs.

Most people underestimate the economic benefits of that project for the entire South Cariboo region (and no I am not a shareholder).

B.C. needs a strong leader with a vision and the ability to negotiate the best possible deal for all our residents, including our native people.

We must negotiate an appropriate percentage of revenue for allowing the Northern Gateway pipeline to cross our province.

The United States is getting closer to developing its newly found gas/oilfields in North Dakota, so Canada must ensure an alternative market for our own products.

With today’s technology and safe guards in place, the risk of a major oil spill is probably smaller than the risk of an earthquake hitting Vancouver.

All the opponents of pipelines should start with disconnecting their thermostats in their homes, as they have not figured out yet, that without a pipeline, there would be no gas warming their homes.

According to Statistics Canada, in 2010/11, only 190 people, net, came to live in B.C. this compares to a net gain of 14,000 people annually from 2006 to 2008.

How does B.C. reverse the population exodus?

It starts with encouraging resource jobs by cutting red tape and taxes that stunt business development.

The latest migration numbers are a wake-up call that B.C. must be more than just a pretty face.


Martin Scherrer, realtor

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