Who is really behind false hijab cutting claim?

Partisan lying is not a Canadian value.

Who is really behind false hijab cutting claim?

The recent controversy over an 11-year-old Toronto girl falsely claiming that her hijab had been cut, and then having been exposed as lying by the Toronto Police Department, lays bare some fundamental and serious problems Canada faces.

First, why did the mainstream media and major political parties rush to condemn an act of so called “Islamophobia” before examining the facts? Second, is it likely that an 11-year-old would concoct such a story by herself, then happily report it to the national media on her own initiative? Isn’t it more likely that she was coached to do so by adults she knew? If so, did they know that the criminal code of Canada stipulates that “making a false statement that accuses some other person of having committed an offence” could lead to up to five years imprisonment? Since it is unlikely that she was able to understand this, or is responsible for the crime, who, indeed, was responsible for urging her to go forward with this lie?

Why did our P.M. and others claim that they were relieved that the incident didn’t happen, but that it was somehow still proof that there was a rising tide of intolerance and hate crimes in Canada, when the incident itself didn’t even happen? Exactly what universe are we inhabiting here?

Partisan lying is not a Canadian value. Neither is disrespect for Canadian law. Connected to that, why is the Toronto Police Department not initiating an aggressive investigation to discover who was actually behind all this? Would the same lack of enthusiasm exist if we were talking about another group other than the one falsely accused of being persecuted?

Finally, what connection might this have to motion M-103, the motion designed to lay bare “systemic racism” and “Islamophobia” in Canada. The parliamentary commission’s discussion period may be ending as soon as Jan. 29. Conveniently, this false incident is happening a couple of weeks before the committee reports. All things to think about.

One thing is certain. Playing politics with our justice system is not acceptable. If the Liberal government and others want to advance their social justice agenda which favours some groups above others, suspends our system of lawful punishments and attempts to laud certain beliefs while denigrating others, they should do so outside the legal system.

At least that way we will know political propaganda when we are exposed to it. The Canadian public is not nearly as gullible or unintelligent as the current government believes they are. They may not say so in public, but they know a concocted scheme when they see it. Let’s hope this example, like all the other examples of political corruption and incompetence we have had to go through lately, will be remembered in 2019.

Perry Foster


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