‘We’re already in reverse and heading for a cliff’

Dear editor,

In her letter Ms. Frayne writes: "Let's not go backwards — again."

Dear editor,

In her letter Ms. Frayne writes: “Let’s not go backwards — again.”

Backwards? We’re already in reverse and heading for a cliff!

Ms. Frayne and Mr. Gillis — if you want to talk “befuddled” speak to the lady who had her husband drive her to Victoria for tests (three and half hours each way…) only to be sent right back without seeing a specialist, because he was in surgery — then had to wait another two weeks for a second appointment and another seven-hour drive!

Speak to the “befuddled” senior who got tired of waiting for an MRI, drove to Washington State for the procedure and paid for it with an RRSP!

Speak to the myriad of our good upper Island people who drive three and a half hours or more to Victoria for an appointment.

Without a proper regional hospital in our area we will see more of this kind of insanity!

The location selected by VIHA is not suited for expansion, so the regional hospital proposed for the Comox Valley will be at best a general hospital; although it has its shortcomings, we have an excellent one of those at present.

Ms. Frayne — we are not ‘naysayers’ we are for a proper regional hospital and two local hospitals. You and Mr. Gillis use the old ‘political’ method of discourse — belittle your adversary by name-calling and then change the subject.

“Befuddle, eh, let’s see — I have a few more $3 million words, confound, flimflam, hoodwink, all excellent tactical political words.”

One of my favourite quotations from Confucius is: “To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage or of principle.”

J. Landry,


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