Weir replacement disregarding property owners

It seems that this project is bulldozing forward.


Weir replacement disregarding property owners

On to the project now dubbed “weir replacement.”

Perhaps the weir does need to be replaced. But to change it from a weir to a dam is not being mentioned. Nor discussed. The 27 inches that is planned to be added to the height of the weir has the potential to swamp some of the property owners around the lake.

On Friday we received a letter in a blank envelope with no return address. Inside was a Sept. 2, 2020 broadcast to “Dear Property Owner,” signed by a Leroy Van Wieren, Project Manager. It has a logo from “COWICHAN RIVER WATER SUPPLY” and is “RE: Cowichan Lake Weir Replacement Project – Update”. There is no contact information available other than direction to a website and four more logos appear on the bottom; CVRD, Cowichan Tribes, Cowichan Watershed Board and Catalyst.

There seems to be something missing here. Oh yeah, the people who own the property on which the water is to be stored! If this is someone’s idea of community consultation, I have news. Consultation is defined as the action or process of formally consulting or discussing.

It seems that this project is bulldozing forward. Letters to all levels of government have had little effect and are usually returned with either “thank you for writing” or, in most cases, not answered at all.

We love our home at Cowichan Lake. The complete disregard for our point of view, our property and rights is disrespectful, has been extremely frustrating and quite frankly, hurtful.

Wendy Webb


Cowichan Valley Citizen

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