Weaver just an NDP puppet

Andrew Weaver accomplished absolutely nothing in his meetings with the NDP



Weaver just an NDP puppet

Remember Andrew Weaver telling the B.C. population that the Green Party would support either the B.C. NDP and Liberal parties only if some items in the B.C. Green Party platform were put on the table to be adopted into government policy?

Well Andrew Weaver decided to support the B.C. NDP. Andrew wanted an immediate automatic change in the B.C. voting system. That is to the new system of proportional representation. The NDP’s John Horgan said okay, but it will go to a public referendum in the October, 2018 municipal elections.

Andrew wanted the bridge tolls to remain in effect, but John Horgan said that the tolls would be eliminated completely. Andrew compromised and said OK. Why?

Andrew wanted the Site C dam construction project to cease work immediately. John Horgan says that the project will continue working but in the meantime go to the B.C. utilities commission for a final review answer on whether the project proceeds or is shut down. Andrew agreed. Why?

Andrew Weaver accomplished absolutely nothing in his meetings with the NDP, and is at present just a puppet to John Horgan. There is bound to be disagreements down the road like in every marriage, which will entail another provincial election before the next four year term is up.

The election of 2017, proved that B.C. actually had a third party in the political scene in B.C. because of the strong Green Party vote in the election. With what happened in relation to Andrew Weaver’s performance with negotiations on concessions with the NDP, Andrew has proven to the B.C. voters that the B.C. Green Party will lose the votes they received this election in the next election. In summary, Andrew Weaver did not get one item of the Green Party platform approved by the NDP, and in reality had the upper hand all along in concession demands. He could have gotten his party platform into government policy, but instead took the easy way out.

A very big disappointment to B.C. voters that voted for the B.C. Green party, and just a complete waste of time for everyone.

Joe Sawchuk


Cowichan Valley Citizen

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