Weather Whoa!

Mother Nature took some time to drop a boat load of rain on B.C.

It has been a busy time due to Mother Nature getting seemingly upset at everyone in British Columbia.

Walking into work and hearing about mudslides to the West and rock slides to the East compounded with rain falling in a way where many conversations involved which type of boat to build is never a way you want a day to start.

One of the most interesting facts that come from weather like this is just how many people wander out to literally take a look at how high the water has become.

Every day while the river was flowing downstream people were out having a look, taking the odd picture or video and discussing when the last time water had got that high.

It was as if the town meetings had moved to the side of the riverbank.

As with any discussion in town as of late people were looking at the water and debating how much if any money should be put into the proposed dyke project.

That debate seemingly only got more spirited as water levels went up and down.

Of course no matter where the water ended up the debate was going to rage.

People can take any incident and turn it into a point which will support their side of an argument. It was close to going over versus it didn’t

One thing which should not be lost is the devastation which can truly change a person’s life during an event like this.

I myself have been through many different types of natural disasters and after some serious earthquakes I have to admit rain does not have quite the same effect or concern for me even though it should be respected.

Families who do not live in the area go through a great deal when the word flood gets thrown around. Stress goes well beyond the borders of the town.

Locally the waters did rise and do damage to property and at least one local business.

When you look at the province and see streets which have become rivers you realize how dangerous situations like this can get.

It could be said we were lucky in many ways.

One thing which should be taken from times like this is what you can learn for the next time.

Flood waters will rise in this town like many others again at some point and those who look after emergency situations are in the unique place where they deal with the situation at hand while also taking notes and seeing what can be done the next time something happens.

Whether it is water or fire, mud or rocks residents have to hope something beneficial comes out of the times which affects the residents they serve. .

This time we have to see the lessons learned put in place to provide even better protection where people need it.

One last point to be made should be a thank you to those who went out to help their neighbours or sat out back making sure no one went down the back road near the river.

It says a great deal about a community where you hear stories of friends and strangers who give of their time to help others and sitting in a back alley watching the river rise and fall is no fun way to spend a weekend.


Golden Star