Weather not behind tourism decline

Beach weather was among the best in recent years in Summerland.

Dear Editor:

I disagree with the belief that tourist visits were down in July due to poor weather conditions. In fact the weather records prove otherwise.

It is true we had a cool rainy spring, stretching into the first few days of July.  On July third it actually hailed!  On the fourth of July though the day dawned sunny, and by the weekend of the seventh and eighth the temperature was up to 30 degrees, and the beaches were full.  After that, other than a few cloudy days, accompanied by some thunder storms, July was predominantly sunny, hot and dry.

It is a shame that the tourists chose not to come to the Okanagan this July, because as a beach lover I must say this was one of the best summers we’ve had in a long time!  If tourist traffic was down, I think we have to look for other possible reasons as to why this was.

Carla McLeod



Summerland Review