We must learn from the Oka crisis

If our prime minister uses police "force" to remove the blockades it will be a huge mistake

We must learn from the Oka crisis

During the Oka crisis a number of years ago, this nation came very, very close to a catastrophe that could have resulted in irreparably damaged relations with our indigenous brothers and sisters. I was indirectly involved in that ugly scene and it deeply concerns me that we are fast approaching the very same scenario, unless common sense prevails.

If our prime minister has any intention of using police “force” to remove the blockades it will be a huge mistake, as it will be Oka repeating itself by also involving the military. Surely we have learned from history that a nation that “turns its guns” on its own people leaves bitterness that can never be repaired.

As Canadians we must all be tolerant, and above all understand that we are at a very critical point at this time in Canadian history. It’s time to listen to our indigenous brothers and sisters, respect what they are asking for, at the same time it is important that they understand that we are not to blame for the disrespect that colonial powers brought upon their people.

It is time that all Canadians sit down and discuss a way forward with an understanding that we are all in this together and from that point onward will be with harmony and respect for each other. We must also understand that the Canadian economy is important to our very survival.

John Walker

Cobble Hill

Cowichan Valley Citizen

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