We aren’t demanding censorship, just the facts

Dear editor,

Dear editor,

In the Nov. 9, 2017, edition of The Record, Mr. Paulovich contends that calling for Black Press not to print Tom Fletcher’s diatribes of misinformation amounts to censorship. (Letter to the editor, Demanding the suppression of Fletcher columns constitutes censorship)

I contend it amounts to demanding facts, not misinformation. Mr. Fletcher may be a reasonably intelligent person; that he is willing to spout misinformation as he does week after week does nothing for his credibility. That Black Press is willing to print his misinformation week after week does nothing for their credibility as a source of reliable news. Like the right-wing think tanks funded by the likes of the U.S. Koch Brothers, Mr. Fletcher’s only interest seems to be to discredit evidentiary science by heaping scorn on its proponents. What is the Black Press interest in continuing to print his misinformation? Mr. Fletcher may be good for increasing readership, but he’s bad for increasing constructive social discourse.

Megan Ardyche


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