Water woes

To all of the people that like to keep Vernon and the surrounding areas safe and green, don’t the two go together?


To all of the people that like to keep Vernon and the surrounding areas safe and green, don’t the two go together?

If we don’t water our yards, plants, gardens, isn’t the fire hazard even more of a threat?

I can’t  see why we can’t have another reservoir built. We get ample snowfall most winters — lots to keep us going all summer.

I have been a resident for 23-plus years, and we have had this issue all of those years.

In fact, when we moved from Alberta that winter to Vernon, you had way more snow here than they did in Alberta, and yet we are always short when summer arrives.

I don’t understand.

I think there needs to be more planning in that area.

And budgeted for that, not just cutting up streets all over town, so you have so many roadblocks, that are hard to find and more fancy sidewalks, etc.

I feel for our tourists.

We  invite them to come, but it must be even more confusing for them….frustrating to say the least..

Some of the streets you have beautified.

I don’t know why this was done, but couldn’t you have planned for extra water conservation first….this has been staring all of us in the face every summer for years now.

Also with all the lakes around us, it is kind of hard  to tell our tourists that come here for a holiday, we are short on water?

Remember everyone, we need the vegetation to clean the air, it is a natural air freshener… for us, we need to keep things green for our own health, people with breathing issues even more so, wouldn’t it be nice if we could keep our air clean, and have a good reputation of being the friendliest, cleanest, greenest and most welcoming city. I see way too many rocks in yards, instead of lawns, it only creates more heat and dust for all the rest of us..etc..etc.

Everything here grows so easily, it is so exciting each spring to see it all return again and come to life, an absolute miracle, to see it again and again, but with water shortage…how can we keep it looking nice and safe and healthy for our children, and teach them to enjoy gardening too…and listen to the birds chirp in our green trees.. and dig for worms in our green lawns…….it all goes around and around.

I. Wray



Vernon Morning Star