Water rates

Resident upset that regional district is hiking water rates

Recently, The Morning Star had an article about the abundance of snow in our local hills, and that we should have an ample water supply this year.

Yet in the following paper, we read that our water rates are going to increase significantly.

It seems odd to me that when we have an abundant supply, we raise prices resulting in less water being used.

Perhaps the regional district should lower rates and encourage citizens to beautify the city with green lawns and colourful gardens.

The regional district would then make money on the volume of water sold. By reducing rates, we also encourage growth in the city which in turn grows our tax base to cover the costs of infrastructure.

I do not want to come across as not supporting water conservation. I do believe we need to respect this resource and manage it in a responsible manner. For example, not watering your lawn every day, or during the day when most gets evaporated. However, that does not mean that we should only use the bare minimum when we have plenty available. This is like having a plate full of food prepared for you and only eating enough to survive.

We should be thankful for the gift of water that we have been given and show appreciation by using it.


Joel van der Molen




Vernon Morning Star