Water rates

Snowbirds getting raw deal when it comes to water rates

I have been a resident of Vernon for over 10 years.

Recently there has been lots of discussion over the new water rates. Water is a non-renewable commodity and as such we try our best to practice good practices.

I have contacted the utilities entities at city hall and e-mailed the council regarding the water rates as they apply to snowbirds. I as well as many more Vernonites are fortunate enough to enjoy winter outside of Vernon.

The water rates as I was told are to be paid at the minimum rate along with sewer charges and recycling (about $132 for three months) even though my water is shut off for six months. I was told the payment was so the city can maintain the pipe lines. I live in a strata and we are responsible of our own pipelines. Also we get very limited services from the city.

I’m sure the other snowbirds are aware that they pay for services they never get. In particular water rates.

Other businesses like Telus, Shaw have snowbird rates.

Why do we pay for service we never use?


Marvin Hedden, Vernon



Vernon Morning Star