Vote yes for sports complex

Letter writer urges community to get behind facility

I read J. Halliday’s letter in The Morning Star suggesting that the proposed sports complex is too expensive and the people that want it should pay for it themselves.

Please take a moment to consider the presumable countless times that you or one of your extended family have happily taken advantage of facilities such as the Vernon Recreation Complex, the Performing Arts Centre, Wesbild Centre, science centre, community gardens, hiking or walking trails, dog parks, public parks, beaches and playgrounds, etc.

Some of these facilities may have been paid for or provided by your predecessors’ hard-earned tax dollars. I truly believe that if you took the time to do this, you would be overwhelmed by the debt of gratitude owed.

I believe a healthy city is made up of community-minded people whose unselfish contributions helped look after the needs of the full spectrum of its demographic.

I grew up in Vernon, moved away in 1984 and returned in 2006 to raise my family.

If Vernon’s community perspective is, “If it’s not for me, I don’t want to pay for it,” I’ve made a horrible mistake moving back.

My experience has been to the contrary and since moving back, I have seen that this community has recreational opportunities for all ages and rarely does a sports field or facility sit empty.

For all of those planning on voting against the proposed sports complex, please think of your children, grandchildren or future generations that may enjoy the use of this facility and reconsider your vote.Vote yes.

Dave Hairsine



Vernon Morning Star