Village should help out local business owner

Editor: I don't think you are asking for something the village is not responsible for.


Go for it Randy.

I don’t think you are asking for something the village is not responsible for.

I  was mayor for six years and fought tooth and nail to have a controlled intersection in front of the Burns Lake Home Hardware and the Chevron service station.

I did not agree with the Ministry of Highways to install traffic lights at the Overwaitea Foods entrance, so it never happened on my watch.

We needed access to businesses across the railway line.

If someone was in business in that area they knew how important directing the traffic in front of Home Hardware was.

Now see what we have.

Randy, you are responsible for your property, so go for it.

When I saw the story ‘Burns Lake drivers have bad habits’ in the Sept. 10 edition of Lakes District News about the study that Ruby Matsko and Bernadette Peebles conducted, it is easy to see in the accompanying picture where they were standing at the intersection.

We are all talking about the stop sign in front of the A&W. It should be a yield sign and not a stop sign.

It’s a perfect place for the police to issue traffic violations.

It’s not fair.

There are no lines coming out of the parking lot. If there were designated lines the person turning right would be able to carry on, but the right hand traffic is held up from moving by the left turning traffic.

A person doesn’t know where the traffic should be. Something should be done there.

A lot of work has been done by the village works crew and they should not be the ones taking the heat over this.

It should be the former administration.

They couldn’t see  the light. All they could see is Hugh Neave’s letter in the paper and wanted Burns Lake to have a light no matter what the cost is even if it’s in the wrong place.

A lot of those meeting with the Ministry of Highways are on record if anyone cares to check.





Paul Jean



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