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LETTERS: Help needed for hockey fans stuck at Kal Tire Place, Bad choice in letter

Fans parked

While at a recent Vipers game, it took multiple cars more than half an hour to get out of the parking lot.

A whole section was not cleared of snow mounds. People were parked inconsiderately, with four feet beside the next vehicle. People were parked on curbs and nonparking spots. Parking lot attendants left the post and the top of the hill before the entire lot was empty. With the current playoffs, something needs to be done, such as clearing the parking lot, putting parking attendants in the lower lot directing parking and have another way out of the parking lot. With the new arena built, too many parking spaces have been removed with not enough attention to people that have to park there. Locals and visiting groups seeing the mess that is the Kal Tire parking lot and surrounding streets will leave a bad taste in their mouth and pour opinion of Vernon. Please help a distraught Vipers/hockey fan.

Travis Parker

Bad letter

While I agree that everyone, thank heavens, is entitled to his or her opinion I am disappointed that you would feel it necessary to print the letter from Sue Johnson in your publication dated Feb. 23.

We support all our local businesses as much as possible. So while I agree that we all should, like Sue, have gone out and supported our local wineries by stocking up on B.C. wine, and while I agree that there are far too many vehicles on our roads over the summer vacation months, and while I agree that Alberta has many, many excellent vacation destinations I cannot agree that we should even think about building a wall. No matter how satirically humorous that comment may have been intended it is never the less a pretty sad state of mind!

That comment is a blight on the people of this beautiful Vernon area, the beautiful Okanagan recreation area and even on “Beautiful British Columbia.” Shame on Sue Johnson for even putting that comment on paper and sad for revealing such personal spite! Hopefully this is a “one off” and all of us can continue to welcome all tourists, friends and families from our neighbouring province when they arrive to spend their vacation dollars in our area and support our local and provincial economy.

Shame on you for stooping so low in your choice of editorial content.

Fran and Grant Garossino

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