Vernon’s city council, a dapper-looking group of gentlemen, gathers for a photo in January of 1913. Back row, left to right: Alderman H.C. Remnant, Alderman R. Swift, Alderman W.H. Smith. Front row, left to right: Alderman J. Fred Simmons, Mayor J.T. Mutrie, Jr., Alderman R.V. Clement. (Greater Vernon Museum and Archives Photo #178)

Vernon history in pictures

No masks required in 1913, but council still cleaned up pretty well

With Vernon council set to meet for the first time in 2021 on Monday, Jan. 11, here’s a look at the council of day more than a century ago in January 1913.

Six dapper-looking gentlemen debated and planned the topics of the day for the city, led by Mayor J.T. Mutrie, Jr., centre, front row.

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