Vernon residents agreed in October 2018 to borrow up to $25 million for a cultural centre. (Contributed)

Vernon Cultural Centre smoke and mirrors?

LETTER: Considering the state of the economy, writer suggests most would not support this project today

Gary Haas, whom I often disagree with publicly, brought forward some questions in his letter to your paper on July 2 about the Cultural Center.

He talked about a business plan that has never materialized; provision for parking for the anticipated hordes of people utilizing the facility; and not surprisingly, who is going to pay for this edifice which he described as an “unneeded monument to the elected members of our city.”

I take exception to his characterizing this edifice in those terms.

I think the three earlier points have a great of relevance to what was decided in a referendum almost two years ago which was passed on a wave of emotionalism.

I use that term because I talked to a number of people running for city council prior to the referendum, and most of them were not in favour of the Cultural Center, but when the last all-candidate meeting was held at the Performing Arts Centre, they rose in unison and proclaimed their almost unanimous support.

I voted against it then, and I think if it were put to a referendum today, given the job lay-offs; drop in tourism, and depleted tax revenue that can be expected, I think most people would agree with me.

Dean Roosevelt

Vernon Morning Star

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