Vancouver Island people need good jobs

Dear editor,
I am a small business owner in Campbell River.
On a daily basis I see two or three hopeful faces with resumes.

Dear editor,I am a small business owner in Campbell River.On a daily basis I see two or three hopeful faces coming in with resumes. These people vary from young people right out of high school, to middle-aged people forced to change careers.These people have heard there is a shortage of trades people, and have paid their hard earned money to educate themselves.The fact is that in B.C. we do not have jobs for these people.  Unlike Alberta, we have seen a steady decline in industry and good paying jobs.We can all list several businesses that have closed down in the past five to 10 years just in our local area — TimberWest Sawmill, Catalyst Paper–Elk Falls, and Field Sawmill, just to name a few.The one light of hope we have in our area is the Raven Underground Coal Project. This project is committed to providing approximately 300 well-paying jobs to local people, and approximately 450 indirect jobs.Yes, that is correct — the opportunity for 750 well-paying jobs on central Vancouver Island!Imagine the possibility of not having to leave your family to go work in Alberta. That could once again be a reality for hundreds of people.  I am proud to say that my family is supported by environmentally responsible resource based companies such as Quinsam Coal, NVI Mining, Grieg Seafood and Western Forest Products. I encourage all those people currently looking for work, and all those that are fortunate enough to be currently employed on central Vancouver Island to stand up and lend support to the Raven Underground Coal Project, otherwise your employer might be the next company forced to close its doors.  Sandra Karason,Campbell River

Comox Valley Record