Upgrades haven’t led to smaller power bill

Fortis also owns the gas distribution so they have it both ways.

To the editor:

Several years ago, I installed a new heat pump as Fortis recommended for electrical savings. I also doubled my attic insulation even though it was already considered adequate.

I don’t have a smart meter installed yet, but Fortis has charged me 45 per cent more for everything over 1600 kWh in a two-month period. No doubt the charges will be even more after one is installed.

They also own the gas distribution so they have it both ways.

Is this fair?

Every year, I put out 24 strings of Christmas lights, but this year I’m reluctant.

Also, if they spend multi-millions of dollars on smart meters, are they then allowed to add it to their capital cost and expect a return on their investment? Are we not then paying for the smart meters?


Barrie Black,


Kelowna Capital News