Trees are an integral part of Brookswood neighbourhoods

I do not understand why a person would move to a beautifully treed lot in an area called Brookswood, if he or she did not like trees.

Editor: I am so disappointed about the tree cutting prohibition being voted down. I am sad for the community of Brookswood and Fernridge, but I am also sad because how it has negatively affected my little quarter-acre of paradise.

We have lived on 204A Street for 10 years now. When we first came to look at the house, it was the huge stand of mature cedars and firs that attracted me to the place. The back yard was completely private.

About five years ago, our neighbour to the north moved in and proceeded to cut down at least a dozen mature trees, some of them so huge that two people couldn’t circle the tree with their arms. I was worried for my trees and how they would fare.

Last month, a new neighbour moved in behind us, on the east side, and took out at least three huge cedars and a birch.  One stump is so big you could park a small car on it. I can now see their house and hear every word they say.

As a result of their cutting,  my gorgeous stand of trees is in jeopardy from the wind and water changes, as they are left standing unprotected by the loss of the surrounding trees. We don’t use fertilizers or pesticides, and have planted many bird- and bee-friendly shrubs and plants. They are now also in danger, because our trees may not be as stable after all the changes. I have no idea how old these trees are, but they all grew up together and matured as a group.

I do not understand why a person would move to a beautifully treed lot in an area called Brookswood, if they did not like trees. I am absolutely baffled by this. The trees are gone and there was not a darn thing I could do about it. There are so many places these people could have moved. There are even many treeless lots in this area they could have chosen.

These trees are full of birds, squirrels, raccoons, opossums and woodpeckers. Soon I will be the only person left with a stand of trees for all these animals.

I want what they did to be illegal. It’s not fair or right for them to come here and ruin my space and my neighbourhood. There has to be a bylaw to stop this as soon as possible.

There needs to be a temporary one for immediate action, and a long-term, well thought out one for the future. Please mayor and council, do what is right for the residents of this neighbourhood. This is a unique area of the Township and needs to be preserved.

This is not the first letter I have written on this subject. It sure would be great if it were the last.

L. Nicol,


Langley Times

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