Trash netting for storm pipes in Australia. (Submitted)

Trash netting for storm pipes

This clever method is used in Australia

Trash netting for storm pipes

Dear mayors, councillors and CVRD directors:

Here’s a simple yet effective idea for public works in Cowichan to purge our storm-sewer systems and waterways of plastic and other trash.

Please see the pictures attached.

This clever method is used in Australia, and I believe it could be tweaked and adapted here in Cowichan to save our rivers, streams and marshlands loaded with all manner of garbage — hopefully including millions of cigarette butts (yes, they are plastic) sadly blanketing Cowichan.

In North Cowichan’s case, this net hardware perfectly meshes with our great, recently enacted environmental bylaws.

I’m sure a call to a municipality Down Under could illuminate our local works folks about how and why this capturing system works, and its costs, toward reducing our annual trash-tipping fees.

We must think outside the trash can and recycling bin.

Please consider investigating and installing a similar trash-collection method here as we continue greening Cowichan. Seems like a no-brainer in continuing to make our beloved Valley an eco-showpiece.

Peter W. Rusland

Duncan-North Cowichan

Cowichan Valley Citizen