Transition Movement, permaculture not Marxist

It would be much closer to Thomas Berry's thinking than to that of the cited authors

Transition Movement, permaculture not Marxist

Re: Transition Network clearly Marxist

[Cowichan Valley Citizen] recently published a [letter to the editor] declaring that permaculture and the Transition Movement are Marxist.

It defames the scientific work of Bill Mollison and David Holgrem of the University of Tasmania. Their attempt to develop an integrative agricultural method of ecosystems to promote a sustainable way of life was done with the welfare of the earth and its inhabitants in mind. As well as a humane way of living with the earth.

It would be much closer to Thomas Berry’s thinking than to that of the cited authors used by the person who has written the cited letter.

I believe that to politically stain a movement that seeks to make peace with the earth is something twisted and biased.

In the case of the Transition Movement, its beginnings in Ireland were based on making plans for Energy Descent with high school students. The movement is focused on energy descent to avoid global warming which can have catastrophic consequences and not on political ideologies.

The melting of Greenland, Siberia, and the Alps only brings us to a scenario where the great rivers can dry up. Contemplating that risk and facing it now is our greatest obligation.

The science of risk analysis of any matter, insurance, finance, security or safety can tell how to do that.

Please read the biography of Bill Mollison and look for the Kinsale Descent Plan in Ireland. Get a proper view of what is intended.

Studies in the 1970s on the limits of growth already warned us of these scenarios that we now foresee.

Thank you very much.

Emilio Astier Peña

Zaragoza, Spain

Cowichan Valley Citizen