Township confused about property

Editor: I read with disgust and disbelief that once again the Township has decided to  enforce its illegal bylaw of dictating to property owners what and where they can store their property on their land.

The Township knows that this is an illegal cash grab. Want proof? Even Councillor Steve Ferguson predicted it correctly by stating, “It will not appease anyone.”

Why would it? Forcing RV, trailer, and boat owners to park their property for hundreds of dollars a month at a storage facility and not being able to easily access it or know if it is getting vandalized is ridiculous. What does the Township expect?

Once again the Township has failed to see the real issue in all of this — it comes down to ownership. My trailer is my property — I will park it wherever I please on my property, whenever I please, thank you very much. The fact that the Township has tried to appease owners of trailers, RVs, and boats by allowing them to park between May 15 and Sept. 15 is not only a sad joke, but further proves that there is really no issue here at all.

If the issue is about other home owners (incorrectly) believing that a neighbour’s trailer lowers their property value, I find it laughable that the bylaw allows them to stay in the driveways during prime real estate selling time.

I guarantee that not one local real estate agent has had a potential buyer demand the seller drop their price by a few thousand dollars because a neighbour has an RV, boat, or trailer parked in their driveway. It is long overdue that meddling people and meddling government back off and mind their own business.

Councillor Jordan Bateman even voted against the amendment altogether, stating that it would encourage property owners to allow family and friends to park their RVs in their driveways between May 15 and Sept. 15. Who does Bateman think he is? It is perfectly within my rights to invite anyone to my property any time.They are welcome to bring their RV, trailer, camper, or boat and park it on my property, and they are welcome to stay as long as they want.

The provision of having to park RVs, trailers and boats at least 1.6 metres inside a home owner’s property line is completely ridiculous.  I can and will place whatever I see fit right up to and including my property line, thank you very much.

Between rising gas prices, rising utility costs, food prices, property taxes, the HST’s hidden costs, and the cost of basic necessities continuously going up higher than anyone’s wages or pension cheque, it is time for Township to eliminate all illegal bylaws that would not stand up in the Supreme Court of Canada.

We need less government, not more.

To add insult to injury, the Township does not have a problem forcing me to be responsible for clearing snow off Township sidewalks, curbs and storm drains the second that a snowflake hits it.

Does anybody see a big problem here? Township owns that property, not me.

I clear snow from their property, and as a reward, Township tells me what I can park on my property, and when.

I strongly urge all citizens of Langley to fight the stupidity of this illegal bylaw. If you are among the minority of citizens who think otherwise, please start minding your own business. This incliudes the Township.

Doug Nickason,


Langley Times