Towers a danger to birds, humans alike

Re: Two men, one osprey nest, News, April 15, 2011.

How ironic that Telus should laud itself for replacing a nest on top of a 4G transmitter that will most likely make the osprey infertile or cause the offspring to die prematurely.

Telus’s response to Mayor Dave Saunder’s concerns is the same mantra all these companies relay on, “It’s operating within Industry Canada’s guidelines” which are set by Health Canada. That should make us comfortable, but then we remember thalidomide, lead, asbestos and tobacco.

That’s the same reply when I wrote Minister of Defense Peter MacKay about putting such a strong transmitter on DND land near homes with many children. He did not respond when I told him Health Canada’s guideline is one of the worst in the world.

Peer-reviewed, credible science has proven radiation from cell transmitters does cause harm at levels significantly below the “guidelines.” The Royal Society of Canada itself has reported this to Health Canada back in 1999. Yet Health Canada kept the same old guideline, and let Industry Canada use it as a justification for allowing transmitters to be put everywhere, near schools, homes and hospitals.

Many scientists warn that children and pregnant women are most vulnerable to this radiation. Yet Telus has put this tower in the middle of military housing near an elementary school. Saying it is allowed by policy doesn’t make it right. Until Industry Canada’s policy is changed, Telus should change its policies and site these towers in areas away from populated areas. But it won’t. Money is the name of the game:, profit for Telus, fees for Industry Canada. Money at any cost, even if it’s your health.

Sharon Noble

Chair, Citizens Against UnSafe Emissions



Goldstream News Gazette