‘Tis the season of busyness in the Cariboo

Only five days until Christmas — eeeeeeeeeeeekk! Please, Santa — I need more time!

Only five days until Christmas — eeeeeeeeeeeekk! Please, Santa — I need more time!

It seems everything speeds up this time of the year except for the number of productive daylights hours and personal energy-levels.

Winter weather has finally blown in, with blustery cold and strong winds so Cariboo ranchers are having to increase the feed amounts to help their livestock combat the cold. Well fed cattle cope much better in frigid weather. That stands to reason, doesn’t it — a well fed person is much happier than a hungry man as well.

Travelling along Dog Creek Road along Springhouse Prairie on a ferociously windy winter day makes one truly thankful that we live in modern times. Imagine that winter trip in a wagon. I shivered as I thought how that might have been, back in time as I simultaneously cranked up the car-heat, adjusted the window defroster and sat back in my heated seat as I marvelled at the beautiful wind-whipped snow drifts.

As we wind down another year, there are many things a cattle producer could wish for in the coming year; make a list — you never know, Santa may get your letter.

But, keep an eye out for the Grinch, who often seems to be, just a wee step away!

During the holiday season as we cram in more (perhaps) than we should, our personal health often takes a bit of a beating — so try hard to slow the frenetic pace. Make a hot chocolate, enjoy some music.

Get outdoors and enjoy all the Cariboo has to offer; clear skies, wonderful ski trails, sliding hills and ice-fishing holes all easily accessible in a short time; embrace our winter wonderland!

Happy holidays to you all.

Williams Lake Tribune