Tired of political games

Resident takes aim at Conservative MP Mel Arnold over electoral reform

Justin Trudeau promised 2015 would be the last election using the first past the post system.

Now, apparently it is more important to him to keep the Liberal party in power than it is to improve our democracy. No electoral reform for Canadians. Meanwhile, in this paper, Conservative MP Mel Arnold says, “People were confused about the voting options.”

If that is true, it is in large part Mr. Arnold’s fault.

As our representative in Ottawa, Mr. Arnold was asked by constituents to hold town hall meetings last summer to help us understand this issue. Instead, he sent out a leaflet pushing the Conservative position. Since being elected, Mr. Arnold has never consulted the public in a fair manner.

Yet he continues to use a bogus survey to manipulate public opinion. Mr. Arnold never gave his constituents an honest effort.

He refused to do his job. Like Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Arnold decided his Conservative Party’s ambitions were more important than us.

Given the chaos in the U.S., it might be wise if Canadians send a clear message to our politicians that we hired them to work for us, not play political games with each other.

B. Cousins



Vernon Morning Star

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