Time to vote for change

Development of farmland, devastation of environment must stop

Editor: The actions of the present council have made many citizens aware of what is being taken from us. Communities have started working together to prevent future destruction of farmland, woodlands, rivers and heritage areas.

Whereas each of us was working to enhance his or her own areas, now we are all aware of the problems facing everyone.  We must not countenance any further devastation of farmland, wildlife areas, rivers or streams. We must protect the families of the future. Langley is the “breadbasket of the Fraser Valley.”  It is the area where producing food for people and animals must be considered more important than developing more housing.

The present council appears to be putting the cart before the horse, so to speak. They are bringing in more people while eliminating the land needed to provide for them.

We need a mayor and council who will carefully consider all these issues and who do not act at the whim of developers.

Vote for change. Langley and our environment is worth fighting for.

Bays Blackhall,


Langley Times