Time to say thanks to the police

If we feed a good relationship, then a good relationship is returned

Dear Sir:

As we all start a new year let us all resolve to build a better relationship with our police forces as there are also many police officers trying very hard to do the same with us in the civilian world.

Of late a lot of events have been exposed and magnified by social media and not all have been complementary. I do genuinely believe that a good relationship is possible between police and the people they serve.

If we feed a good relationship then a good relationship is returned but it does take some continual work to achieve it. The first police officer to see you wave a friendly wave may be taken aback a bit but the next friendly wave they see will start to take effect, we all have to work at it.

When you pass a police officer say a friendly ‘thanks’. They may wonder at the first time they hear you but the next time you will probably receive a smile back, keep the trend up and you are sure to make them feel just a bit better each time in their quest to maintain law and order for all of us.

I recently used mass transit in Vancouver and was surprised to hear passengers say a cheery ‘thank you’ as they exited the bus, this trend of good manners was sure to lighten the bus driver’s day just as it would to any person. It is never too late or too early to improve a relationship, thank you.


Bill Braam, Terrace, BC



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