Time to fix the South Lakeside problem


Just a little message to our city councillors.


Just a little message to our city councillors.

It is obvious you have not been driving down South Lakeside Drive, otherwise you would have noticed that the road has had its last patch job.

This is the Cariboo but we should not be driving down a cattle trail. This road is a disgrace and needs to be fixed properly.

This is now one of the busiest streets in Williams Lake since the addition of Walmart and it needs some serious attention.

People who come to our town have told me they have never seen roads like this anywhere.

Since we are on the topic of South Lakeside, it would be nice to know who on council is a silent partner in the pellet plant operation that is spewing out toxins and polluting the area.

If the City is expecting this area to grow with other stores and subdivisions in the Walmart area, this would be a huge deterrent from doing so.

This is a beautiful area with a view of the city and lake and this is an eye sore. This is not an industrial area. The pellet plant is suppose to be a temporary site, yet it is growing bigger and uglier by the day.

We all know about the mess this plant is making in the air and on property. It is time for the City to start making this a better place to live. Even the stockyards were better than this mess.

This plant needs to be moved down to the industrial part of town. There are train tracks in that area so it can continue to ship out its products.

It should not be overlooking the lake and bird sanctuary at Scout Island.

Just about everyone who comes to town drives down this area and this is a horrible impression of our city. I have lived on South Lakeside Drive for 18 years and it is just getting worse all of the time.

Maybe with an election coming up it would be nice to see who can address this situation. Then I might know who to vote for.

This area needs some serious attention. We want the tourists to have a good impression of our city and, by sitting back and turning a blind eye to this area, it is not going to help it grow.

Greg Mitchell

Williams Lake

Williams Lake Tribune

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