Thumbs up, Thumbs down

Salmon barbecue helps museum; smokers who flick out their lit butts

THUMBS UP: A way to go to the Sooke Region Museum’s salmon barbecue and open house on Sunday.

A few hundred people showed up for the annual event that saw delicious spring salmon grilled over an open fire and the doors of the museum swung open for all to learn about our local history.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was the art gallery’s new exhibit Fashion Files: Dressing Sooke (see page 14). The museum collection team spent the last two years putting this exhibit together. The exhibit features artifacts and archival material from the museum’s collection and items loaned from the public. Nicely done.


THUMBS DOWN: To the smokers who think nothing of flicking their lit cigarette right now – with no concern for the safety of others.

From the backyard to the back country in Sooke, it’s really dry out there.

That means heightened fire risk and extra vigilance by everyone is needed to prevent fires from breaking out, say officials.

The Sooke area has already seen a few hedge fires, bark mulch fires, and grass fires, and the Coastal Fire Centre has had to put out a few wild fires across the Island.

Now is not the time to be careless with cigarettes.


Sooke News Mirror