Thumbs up, Thumbs down

Who in the community deserves commendation and who doesn't as much.

To students who won Temperance Awards

Four Vancouver Island students, including Tala Barzkar from Edward Milne Community School, recently won $1,000 scholarships from the Victoria-based Canada’s Temperance Foundation. The scholarship was started as a way to recognize students for commitmnt to academic achievement, community and school involvement, and inspiring others to be themselves without using drugs or alcohol. This scholarship is different in that it promotes a healthy lifestyle, not just the usual good grades, etc. Our students should be shown the benefits of a clean life and taught how to use alcohol (and drugs) with responsibility.

To an early election call

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to make an early election call will force taxpayers to shell out at least $125 million extra, according to Elections Canada. The Conservatives stand to benefit with the biggest taxpayer-funded rebate in Canadian history – up to $25 million. Even disgraced senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau are back on the public payroll once the writ was dropped. This federal election will be the longest in Canadian history. So enjoy your summer of political rhetoric and know that you’re paying for it.


Sooke News Mirror