The perks of being a child

Marisca envies the responsibility- and worry-free life of a toddler

Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a child.

With all the responsibilities of being an adult, sometimes I look at my young daughters and think how lovely they have it. I realize I already was a child and enjoyed that lifestyle of someone taking care of everything already, but did I really appreciate it?

My five-year-old was telling me recently she can’t wait to be a teenager. I thought, no you don’t. Her biggest worry is if she’s going to like dinner tonight or not. A dinner that will be cooked and served to her.

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My toddler is oblivious to everything and sometimes I’m jealous of that too. She doesn’t have anxiety over the ongoing pandemic or worry about bills coming in.

The other day, she was fresh out of the shower, butt naked, standing on her stool in the kitchen eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon when she lifted one leg and peed all over the floor. It dripped down the cupboards, all over her stool and pooled under her.

She didn’t even flinch. She just kept eating her peanut butter. Could you imagine just not caring about something like that? Just simply enjoying a snack totally naked and free. Or even better, could you imagine taking a nap in the middle of the day, completely guilt-free and then getting praised for it?

I saw a quote on the internet that said the best part of being an adult is that you can eat as much cake as you want and no one will stop you but the hardest part of being an adult is that you can eat as much cake as you want and no one will stop you.

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There are perks of growing up but there are also a lot of downsides, and worry, and responsibilities.

Maybe we should take a cue from our children and not worry as much, especially things that are out of our control.

Rock that swimsuit at the beach even if you’re worried your cellulite will show; build a fort in the living room with your kids and order in pizza; throw a little bit of caution to the wind and enjoy life.

I know kids thrive on routine and it is so important, but sometimes its OK to have some fun.

Especially in the summer and particularly one where the world around us seems to be falling apart.

The best part of being a parent is that sometimes you get to act like a kid again yourself.

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