The Mayor on Mariners Park vandalism and KAPS theft

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain's response on disrespectful acts within the community

I’m extremely disappointed to hear that Mariners Park has been vandalized, and also that (Kaien Island Anti-Poverty Society) KAPS had family supporting food and appliances stolen from them.

I know this is not a reflection of how Rupertites are. These acts are completely unacceptable and beyond disrespectful.

Although I know many will want to meet these situations with anger, the truth is those responsible require our help in order to heal the patterns that lead them to these decisions. This means being firm by holding them accountable for their actions, but also finding constructive ways for them to see they can live respectfully and with dignity in our community.

Vilifying and meeting these people with anger will only continue the cycle.

So if anyone does know who these people are, please report them to the RCMP. We hope to find ways for them to participate in helping the community be a better place to live for all, particularly if these are misguided youth who need a helping hand.

In the meantime, let’s meet these situations with a call to do better — if we can all lend KAPS a helping hand to replenish the stocks, that would be appreciated.

Also, here’s a photo of community residents coming out to help public works crew clean the park today!

Council and staff will be discussing options regarding keeping our community safe and clean moving forward.

In your service,

Mayor Lee Brain

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