The Liberals will ruin BC

Industrialization can only lead to oil spills and problems

Dear Sir:

Good God! The BC Liberals are moving rapidly towards the killing of B.C. waterways faster than a psychopathic serial killer takes home souvenirs of his victims.

Now they want to extract gravel from beds of creeks going into Howe Sound, thus killing that body of water. They even have industry nearby to grind the gravel for whatever purpose they have in mind.

When is their insanity going to stop? When voters take their heads out of their bodily dark place and start seeing clearly what these maniacs are doing to this province.

And you can have pipelines along the little hills of the Prairies to Nova Scotia but BC has hundreds of miles of real mountains that make it impossible to access if there’s a pipeline leak – and then how are you going to get repair equipment into areas the birds can only fly in.

Enbridge has proven it can’t clean up any of its oil spills. Readers should stop listening to crazy, corrupt idiots who think B.C. is going to survive the next 10 years at the mercy of the Liberals.

Brian Gregg, Terrace, BC

Terrace Standard

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