The easy way out


The Star’s lead story on the closing of Aldergrove Lake Park’s pool illustrates how bureaucracy bypasses the wishes of the community. This is a facility that has served Aldergrove well for over 50 years but a tiny group of unelected “experts” redefine the rules and, at the stroke of a pen, the people’s pool is taken from us.

The fact that it has been OK all this time counts for nothing. The bureaucrats knew that our pool would fail to meet their standards and there was no money available (there never is for poor Aldergrove) to upgrade or replace it.

We could have received a “grandfather” exemption or the municipality (or even the province) could have offered to build a suitable replacement but secretly rewriting “the rules” is far cheaper.

Dr. H. Spencer, Aldergrove

Aldergrove Star

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