The corruption in the status quo

Another federal election and another Canadian soldier dies in Afghanistan.

Are we becoming complacent with the status quo in this country? Are we so beat down by constant political corruption, lies, scandals and daily oppression that we no longer feel the need to better ourselves?

Every single politician that has ever lied, stolen, voted for the party instead of the people or sold this country to the corporate elite rather than protect it for their fellow Canadian needs to be brought to justice. Our loved ones continue to be sent to die in a country diseased with corruption, poverty and desperation in a decade long “unwinnable” war.

The most devious criminals in this country are the ones in power that continue to oppress us into poverty, servitude and hopelessness. Who is going to stand up for the Canadians who aren’t rich or don’t live off the government gravy train? Who is going to tell the truth for once, not steal from the constituents, empower the meekest among us or simply believe in what’s right over what’s profitable?

Jeff Leggat, Duncan

Surrey Now Leader