That’s the system

The election is now over, and I am happy that we have four years before the next federal election.

The election is now over, and I am happy that we have four years before the next federal election.

Congratulations to all who won and thank you all for putting your names forward to make this democratic process work.

In order of voting popularity:  The Conservatives under Stephen Harper stayed fast on the economic and stability agenda and, according to the vote, that is what people were looking for.

The NDP made history and put forward a platform of change and a lot of promises with no backup on the economic front or how much we would need to go in debt to pay for it all.

At the end of the day people liked what Jack Layton had to say but all did not believe the NDP could deliver or afford it.

The federal Liberals lost big time. In my opinion, they lost because they were the cause of an election that no one wanted in the first place. Their platform was not buyable and was too negative. They tried to play the trust issue, and I remember one interview with the leader when he said, to the affect: “Well after this election we would know who has the trust and who does not.”

I guess he now knows, as he did not even get elected in his own riding.

Then comes the Bloc — good riddance!

The Green party also made history. Its platform would have practically shut down the economics of this country and, although some of it may be worthwhile, it needs to understand that when it comes to putting bread on the table or caring for the environment all it needs to do is look to Third-World countries and it should know what is going to win.

Already we are hearing complaints from those whose party did not form government that we will be governed by a party that won only 30-plus per cent of the votes.

Well, that’s the system. If you want better then make sure to pressure for legislation that only allows two parties. Representational voting does not work.

Walt Cobb is a freelance columnist for the Tribune. He is a former Liberal MLA, former Williams Lake mayor, and current president of the Williams Lake and District Chamber of Commerce.

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