Thanks for the support

Local researcher and intervenor Brenda Gouglas thanks her support network for their help during the intervenor process.


I need to thank those in my community that have worked so hard at making the decision to oppose the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipelines project an educated one: the residents, business owners, mayor and council, and in particular Kandace Kerr and the other members of the Fort St. James Sustainability Group.

My biggest thanks goes to my husband for putting up with my seemingly endless hours of research and involvement in the Joint Review Panel process.

To the other interveners and First Nations from around our province who also stand in opposition, it has been an honour standing with you.

As for Prime Minister Harper and his cabinet, had they not changed the rules of the process mid-way through to say they would make the final decision, not the Joint Review Panel, and had they not openly stated their approval of the project prior to closing of the JRP process, they might have warranted at least some degree of thanks for upholding our democratic right to be heard in this process.



Brenda Gouglas

Fort St. James


Caledonia Courier