Thank you Mr. Pat Pimm for helping put leash on B.C.’s ALC

Thank heavens democracy is still flourishing due to a few courageous men with enough integrity to brave the media

To the editor;

This letter will never make front page news, but for what it’s worth,  Mr. Pimm’s  simple truths  rate higher to me  than maintaining a  status quo/politically correct image for the media.

One example:    When the ALC (unelected by the people) can overrule  four certified agrologists and claim non-farmland in their inventory just to make their ‘themselves’ look good,  with no regard for the hard-working  taxpayers  who are footing  the bill, and neither the people nor the government can do anything about it,  one does have to ask:  “WHO IS RUNNING THE PROVINCE?”

Thank heavens  democracy  is still flourishing due to a few courageous men with enough  integrity  to  brave the media and correct this abuse of power.    Thank-you Mr. Pimm, Mr. Bennet and Mr. Letnick  for  leashing this agency that has been out of control for far too long?

It needed doing.   Your  honesty, bravery and dedication to the people  of  this  great province has not gone un-noticed.

By-the-way, the word  ‘Indian’  is  analogous to the word ‘Indigenous’, in this case meaning the original people of the country,  much the same  as we refer to the people of B.C.  as ‘British Columbians’, or the people of Alberta as  ‘Albertans’.   I want  you to know, Honorable Mr. Pimm,  I am not offended by the word  ‘Indian’.   I refer to the indigenous  blood running through my veins as ‘Indian’, not to offend my brothers,  who insist  their’s be called  ‘First Nation blood’.

Indigenous,  Indian,  First Nation, Ontarian, American, Black, Yellow,  Red; together we rule the world – we have bigger fish to fry.

Jo Middleton,

Charlie Lake, B.C.


Barriere Star Journal