Thank you

Resident sings the praises of the Gleaners and their support of people in need in Mexico

I am sending a huge thank you to the Gleaners of the North Okanagan.

We are lucky enough to live in Mexico for six months out of the year and we made it our journey to help the underprivileged as much as we could.

Last November, as we were heading back down to our little village of Barra De Navidad, we were lucky enough to have the Gleaners help to send us more than 47 lbs of vegetable soup mix and applesauce.

All of this food made its way down to a migrant indigenous school/housing project. These are the children and adults that work in the fields picking chili and tomatoes.

Having this food from the Gleaners helps the mothers feed their children a more nutritional meal other than just torilla every night. So once again, thank you Gleaners for all of your hard work and just know that all you do is appreciated.  Keep up your great work.


Cheryl Bronk




Vernon Morning Star