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Family grateful to community after destructive house fire

My belief in people was restored after a devastating fire my family endured on the morning of Oct. 26.

There was six of us sleeping in the house that night.

There was my husband, two daughters, son-in-law, grandson, and myself. My other grandson was across the street at a sleep-over.

As any good parent would do, we had recently taken in our daughters as they were getting back on their feet. They had returned from the Coast and had found employment here in the Okanagan.

We were awakened to our fire alarm going off just after three a.m.

I have always thought in my heart this could never happen to me, but it did. As we watched our years of belongings and memories disappear, it was overwhelming.

All I could do was, thank God my entire family was safe.

Belongings can be replaced but a smile and a hug cannot.

Our first thanks would have to be to all of the emergency personnel who were immediately on hand. The security people who kept a careful eye to keep belongings safe in all four units.

Then comes the thank you to my husband’s employer and the employees at Rhinocore Composites, and my employer, Mike Carey at M.P.C. Maintenance. They were both wonderful.

To our friends who opened their home to us. Our longtime friend who helped with commuting to work in the early morning hours.

A special thank you to all of the folks who came forward with donations of food, clothing and furniture.

In closing, I would encourage anyone who does not have an alarm that works, to fix it, no matter if it annoys you when it goes off with too much steam or that piece of toast that starts it off.

It saved my family.

If you do not have content insurance, get it. We did not have a secure means of replacing our contents.

We have learned from this experience that it doesn’t matter how bad things are, there are these amazing people (friends, neighbours, complete strangers) who came to our family with hugs, support, words of encouragement and prayer.

They are the people who make you rise above all that is bad and look forward to the future.


The Bowes Family




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