Surrey’s dirty secret

Surrey’s dirty secret

Citizens’ attitude toward garbage is a blight on the city.

I have lived in Surrey for more than 40 years and I am a hard-working, responsible, tax-paying homeowner.

To many people, I am a very nice, fun-loving person. I am well-respected by my peers, but I have a dark secret.

I hate Surrey.

I hate the attitude: If no one is looking, just toss your garbage wherever you please. Mattresses, old TVs, refrigerators, etc.

Surrey has become a dirty city. There is garbage on practically every street.

Then there are the malls’ public washrooms, with people urinating/defecating on floors and walls. But why stress yourself? If the floors and walls won’t do, use the garbage bin.

And there are the clumsy people who can’t drink a cup of coffee without spilling it all over the floors. Why should they care? Somebody else will clean it up.

Then we have the last Wednesday of each month, “Welfare Wednesday,” when all of the “poor people” are rich for a day. They get their welfare cheques and discard their old dirty clothes, syringes and condoms all over town.

Because they have money this means they can discard their responsibility? I don’t think so.

My taxes just went up. If I overspend, I might have to sell my home and move to another town. Not a bad thought, come to think of it.

Now to those upstanding parents who allow their children to bring food and beverages into a play area that has a specific “no food or beverages” rule. I guess they feel that if no one is watching, go ahead and disregard this rule. I guess this gets back to being a responsible parent/citizen. These children will be our future citizens.

Welcome to the Surrey I hate – a dumping ground.

I didn’t even mention the gang bangers and the drug-related shootings.

Congratulations mayor and council. I hope you’re all proud of a very dirty city.


Mary Hauser

Surrey Now Leader