Surrey should come first

Politicians should make this city a priority when it comes to transit and infrastructure.

Surrey’s population is more than 500,000 residents now. We are the second-largest city in B.C. We have eight MLAs and five MPs.

With regard to hospitals, In the 1970s we had seven beds per 1,000 people. Now we have 3.5 beds per 1,000 people. We had land allocated at 152 Street and Highway 10 for a second hospital. Government sold off the land to developers. Where were our politicians to stand up for us? Nowhere to be seen or heard. Our schools and population do not mix. More development and growth means more portables than ever before. You wonder why more people are putting their children into private schools.

Our transit issues for Surrey are a joke and strategies are 20 years behind. Most of our political representatives care more about their careers than for all of Surrey.

If you live in Surrey, Surrey should be your priority. Not 10-year plans, right now. Quit blaming other people. If you were running businesses, you would have been closed for lack of business and smarts. No one would hire you.

Surrey should be first priority for all of you. Yes it is going to cost us money in taxes. But what legacy do we want to leave for our children and the future? Let us work on fixing our problems not make new issues.


Chris Paige

Surrey Now Leader