Stop the grizzly trophy hunt

An agreement has been reached to protect 85 per cent of the Great Bear Rainforest.

The news that after more than a decade of negotiations an agreement has been reached to protect 85 per cent of the Great Bear Rainforest and to restrict hunting of its grizzly bears, was music to my ears.

However unfortunately, it will be business as usual for grizzlies elsewhere in B.C. as the provincial government still allows them to be hunted for so called ‘sport.’

In the ongoing debate about the merits of the trophy hunt it is important for us to remember a few key facts.

1. B.C.’s grizzly bears belong to the public as a natural resource. They do not belong to the provincial government.

2. The public has entrusted the provincial government to manage grizzly bears on its behalf, and according to the public’s wishes.

3. The public has made it known, via several surveys, that it does not want grizzly bears hunted for trophies; in fact these survey results show that 90 per cent of us want it stopped.

Why then is the provincial government disregarding the public’s wishes on this issue by continuing to condone the trophy hunting of these animals?

As a reminder this is not — as the provincial government has claimed — a science issue. While I may agree that there may be enough bears to sustain a hunt, this is not the issue.

This is a matter of ethics. I, and the vast majority of other B.C. residents, simply do not want grizzly bears hunted for sport — period.

If you agree with me and are passionate about these bears, you need to speak out. I urge you to write to the provincial government, voice your opinion and support the protection of this majestic icon of our forests.

Grizzly bears should not become carpets or wall hangings.

Rosemarie DavenportParksville

Parksville Qualicum Beach News