Stop Bill C-18

Passing Bill C-18 would violate right to natural non-modified foods

To the editor:

We are opposed to multinational companies having greater power and control over Canada’s seed industry.

Canada must recognize the inherent rights of farmers – derived from thousands of years of custom and tradition – to save, reuse, select, exchange and sell seeds.

Please refrain from making any changes to the Seeds Act or to the Plant Breeders’ Rights Act that would further restrict farmers’ rights.

This is our food we are talking about. We do not buy any products that are genetically modified and we have the right to have access to non-genetically modified foods.

The passing of Bill C-18 would violate our right to natural, non-modified foods as it would make genetically modified seeds the standard for agriculture in Canada and eliminate the possibility of challenging the dominance of industrial agriculture in court.

Anyone wishing to express their opposition to Bill C-18 can do so by e-mailing their local MP. MPs’ e-mail addresses are listed on the Parliament of Canada website.


Sandi Mikuse

Claudette Laffey




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