Stink raised over sewer line policy

Editor: I would like to find out in a public way who is responsible for our Township sewer system.

My sewer line backed up into my basement a few weeks ago, after the cap (on Township property) was not correctly put back into place.

The piece that had broken was left in the hole, blocking the sewer line and causing it to back up into my basement.

After placing a claim with the Township, I was told that the sewer system, if flushing out, is the homeowner’s responsibility. But it seems that the line is on the Township easement.

A Township worker came to our home and clearly stated this is negligence on the Township’s part, but claim agent Alex Campbell declined the claim and would not pay us back our $800 fee for the plumber we hired.

The plumber simply retrieved the part the Township left in the sewer line.

Please alert the public to this story. My property taxes clearly say sewer on them, so I assume I am paying the Township for the proper maintenance of the sewer system.

Colleen Ash


Langley Times