Stickle Road

Resident frustrated with the actions of the Ministry of Transportation

I read that one of the objections of the Ministry of Transportation is a traffic light at Stickle Road would create a bottleneck there.

That is precisely what we want and need.

Driving south into Vernon recently, we came upon a perfect example of the extreme danger there. A southbound truck/fifth wheel was stopped in the deceleration lane, waiting to turn left on to Stickle Road.

At the same time, a large class C motorhome had crossed the two southbound lanes and was stopped, waiting for the northbound lanes to clear so they could continue across on to Stickle Road.

The class C had apparently just exited the RV campground.

Amazingly, the rear end of the class C extended completely across the median lane of the southbound traffic. Unbelievable.

The class C driver had executed a mind-numbingly stupid move, but there wasn’t a horrendous multi-vehicle accident.

How long will Ministry of Transportation let this go on?

Jim Skelton



Vernon Morning Star