Stickle pickle

Resident upset with plans for Highway 97 intersection

The debate over Stickle Road problems continue with the highways and government sides of that debate not answering the concerns of those concerned about the loss of more wetlands and wildlife habitats, and the worries about the way increased truck traffic will affect nearby residences and a seniors home.

One senior, from that home,  has already written about traffic bothering them now.

True  meetings have been held to discuss the issue, but only to try to convince those who go that meeting that the 20th Street extension is the way to go.

Someone I spoke to listened politely to my concerns, then said something to the effect that it had already been decided. Does this mean if the authorities make a decision, there is simply nothing we can do about it?

Perhaps we could put this issue to a vote. Then, which ever side wins would have to acquiesce.

Pamela Jenkins



Vernon Morning Star